A story about the modern tree activists, for Sveriges Natur.

The New Tree Activists.

A story about a strange ant peace treaty, from the research center in Finland for Forskning & Framsteg.

The Peaceful Ant.

The Hejlskov family fled ordinary Danish life for the woods of Sweden. Story for Brigitte Woman.

The Family That Escaped.






Read the story here (Swedish). Published in the newspaper SvD and the magazine Sveriges Natur.

The Catchers in the North.

A video of mural artist YASH painting in Edsbyn, Hälsingland.

Yash – Making Friends, Edsbyn 2016.


Published in SJ:s magazine Kupé.

Kupé Vegan Guide.

Movie of mural artist Linus Lundin YASH.

Yash – Luthens Gränd.

Salabranden Foto: Martin Stenmark
Salabranden Foto: Martin Stenmark

Published in the magazine Modern Psykologi.

The 2014 Västmanland wildfire.






Photo reportage for N by Norwegian. Read the story here.

Riding the Riviera Roads.